The problem

You may notice one or more of your rear lights has stopped working.
You've changed the bulb, but it made no difference.
Or maybe the problem is intermittent, with the warning light coming on at odd times.
Again, changing the bulb has made no difference.

The cause

Over recent years, vehicle manufacturers have started to use a modular system for their rear light assemblies.
For the stop light, tail light, fog light, reversing light and indicator, nowadays they often have a single assembly where the bulb terminals are zinc plated steel strips, with each being routed to a central point, where together they make up a multi-way connector which mates to a connector plug on the vehicle's wiring harness.
This may well save the manufacturer costs, but unfortunately the problem is that they are prone to rusting if moisture is allowed to gain entry to the assembly - which of course leads to a poor electrical connection.
Inevitably, if corrosion begins, it tends to spread from the terminals of the holder into the contacts within the wiring harness connector plug.

Burnt connector
Example of a corroded terminal on a rear light holder assembly.

The solution

Very often, you can clean up the corroded terminal in the holder, which will at least provide a temporary cure until the rust returns, but it isn't possible to reach the terminals inside the harness connector plug, so this will need to be replaced.
To replace the wiring harness connector, the vehicle manufacturers will not usually provide just the connector, but typically they will only supply a complete rear wiring loom, which is very expensive.

Fortunately, we can supply you with a replacement connector with a short wiring loom attached.
All you have to do is cut off the old connector and wire up the new one.
In some cases we can offer you a replacement holder too.
The wiring colours will be different to the original, so cut the harness wires one at a time, and connect up to the new loom as you go along.
We recommend you solder the wires together for a proper connection, but crimping is an alternative method.

Please go to the appropriate page on the vehicle list to order your replacement parts.

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